Meet the Start-Ups from Cohort 1

The five entrepreneurs that are about to change the world with their energy innovations

Meet The Start-Ups From Cohort 2

10 ambitious startups set to disrupt the energy sector.

Meet the Start-Ups from Cohort 3

Meet the 7 innovative startups from the third edition of Shell IdeaRefinery.

Check out the Start-Ups from Cohort 4

Read about the stories of five exciting clean energy start-ups

Meet the Start-Ups from Cohort 5

Read about the six local start-ups that are making waves in the smart, clean energy space.

Meet the Start-Ups from Cohort 6

Seven start-up with one goal – a more sustainable, cleaner energy future.

Meet the Start-Ups from Cohort 7

Eight start-ups pioneering new frontiers in innovation

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