Carbon neutral driving on the road

Shell staff can play their part for the environment when they opt to drive carbon neutral. Our Shell carbon neutral programme tracks the vehicle’s fuel consumption and its associated CO2 emissions, and then purchases carbon credits equivalent to these emissions to offset them through Shell’s global portfolio of nature-based solutions projects. We started with a single fleet customer a year ago and have since seen more industry players coming on board the programme. Our employees too have embraced the opportunity to drive carbon neutral.

Doong Shiwen

I am delighted to share that more of our partners are prioritising sustainability and aiming to lower their carbon footprint. I am excited to be collaborating with them as we drive into a low carbon future.

Doong Shiwen, National Sales Manager, Mobility Singapore

Driving digital in manufacturing

Marine Production Specialist, Koh Boon Haw works in Shell’s largest wholly-owned refinery, Shell Energy and Chemicals Park on Bukom. Boon Haw spent three years developing and improving a digital ecosystem which provides an operational overview of process safety elements in Bukom. From a simple DIY proof-of-concept, it has now grown to be part of site operational work in Bukom where it automates manual processes to increase process efficiency. Today, he is sharing his experiences and learning with colleagues from the US, Netherlands and Qatar.

Koh Boon Haw

There is always an opportunity to improve the status quo. I like to turn day-to-day issues into problem statements that can be solved.

Koh Boon Haw, Marine Production Specialist

Empowering frontliners to be change agents

In the face of challenges brought on by the energy transition, it is more important than ever for us to be on the look-out for potentially game-changing ideas and trends. One way to do so will be to crowdsource widely and collaborate with industry partners to accelerate the idea-realisation process via pilots or testbeds. One such successful implementation is the Smart Torque System – which was piloted in 2017 and has since been used to tighten over 20,000 flanges on site, allowing end-to-end traceability. The willingness to embrace change and constantly reinvent ourselves will be the key differentiator in Bukom’s journey to become a best-in-class site.

Polly Liu, Mechanical Engineer (Digitalisation)

I am passionate about pioneering technologies that can push the boundaries in our industry, and at the same time, empower our frontline staff with digital competencies that can contribute to a smarter workforce.

Polly Liu, Senior Digitalisation Engineer (Digital/Data)


Thriving through the energy transition in Singapore

Our ambition is to cut a third of our CO2 emissions in Singapore within a decade. Here’s how we plan to do it.

Repurpose our core

Shell will repurpose its core by building on its strengths of an integrated business in Singapore.

Provide low-carbon solutions

We are partnering with customers, the government and other parties to enable key sectors to decarbonise with low-carbon solutions.

Partner for Energy Transition

Shell Singapore aims to support society’s journey towards a net-zero carbon economy.