A Shell volunteer participating in the Marine Biodiversity Survey Programme.
A Shell volunteer participating in the Marine Biodiversity Survey Programme.

National marine biodiversity survey and Shell visiting scientists programme

Shell is a key corporate sponsor of the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey (CMBS) – a five-year project that kicked off in November 2010. Led by the National Parks Board and the Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI) from the National University of Singapore, the survey aims to take stock of the marine ecosystem in our local waters as well as to identify species diversity, distribution and abundance.

The partnership saw Shell staff participating in fieldwork as well as immersing in laboratory work, alongside marine researchers. Shell also provided resources for capacity-building through the experience and expertise of global scientists.

The last of the coral reef surveys took place in late 2014, on an intertidal shore off Pulau Bukom. There, Shell staff from Pulau Bukom partnered marine researchers from TMSI to discover what the shores around Pulau Bukom had to offer. In early 2015, Shell staff paid a visit to the TMSI laboratory at St. John’s Island to sort and process marine specimens collected in various dive surveys.

In recognition of Shell’s support for the programme which ended in 2015, a new crab specimen discovered in the waters of Singapore was named “Indopinnixa Shellorum” –to honour the men and women who work in Shell.

Shell remains committed to the discovery and conservation of what Singapore shores have to offer. Through our efforts, a clearer picture of Singapore’s marine ecosystem, species diversity and distribution emerged. Shell is continuing to explore meaningful ways to contribute to the environment.

“I learnt a lot about the wonderful species like worms, shells and crabs around the Singapore waters. I feel proud to be one of the people who helped in the survey.”

Shell volunteer Ren Yong, who cultivated a newfound passion for nature.

“A dream come true for many of us passionate about Singapore's surprisingly rich marine biodiversity, from ordinary people to scientists, government to NGOs."

Ria Tan, Wildsingapore blogger and a nature enthusiast, described the mega marine survey.

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