Inside Business Customers

Lubricants for businesses

Find out about the expert advice, support and case studies we provide through our lubricant-related services that are helping companies like yours every day.

Shell Fuel Card

With over 50 years experience, and with one of the largest station networks in the world, we look after the details to help your fleet perform better.

Shell Aviation

Shell Aviation is an industry leader with a truly global reach.

Shell Chemicals

Shell Chemicals focuses on producing basic or “building-block” chemicals, for sale in bulk to other chemicals companies or industries.

Shell Global Solutions

Shell Global Solutions helps improve its customers' business performance by providing leading-edge energy consulting and innovative technology.


Shell Marine supplies products to more than 10,000 vessels ranging from large ocean going tankers to small fishing boats globally.

Distributed Energy

We provide customised and comprehensive solutions to help you achieve the energy goals of your organisation.