Duralite Power

Duralite Power

Duralite Power aims to produce one of the world's lightest and most compact hydrogen fuel cell to generate electricity through clean energy.

Their current fuel cell is a lightweight solution that is compact, yet provides more power compared to other fuel cells in the market. This advantage means that their fuel cell can be used in weight-sensitive applications such as powering drones and e-scooters.

Duralite hopes to continue advocating a low-carbon future by refining their customisable clean energy solution to be even more cost effective.

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Ocean Purpose Project

Ocean Purpose Project

The Ocean Purpose Project is a social enterprise that seeks to end the plastic pollution crisis and promote a sustainable future.

Their solution is a pyrolysis machine unit that converts waste plastic to low sulphur fuel. It can be deployed over land and sea to any remote community facing ocean plastic pollution.

Ocean Purpose Project also conducts online and offline behaviour change projects such as beach clean-ups, coral replanting, sustainability webinars and learning journeys with schools and corporates. They are also devising a new single-use bioplastic made of seaweed/seashells.

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Quantified Energy Labs

Quantified Energy Labs (QE-Labs)

QE-Labs believes that solar energy is the way forward for a sustainable future. They are a global pioneer in the field of digitalised solar photovoltaics (PV) asset management, having developed an advanced drone electroluminescence imaging technology for on-site inspection of PV modules that pose safety risks and a lower energy field due to degradation.

For quick and accurate detection of defective modules, QE-Labs provides quality rating of PV modules using A.I. enhanced Quantitative EL Analysis (QELA) algorithm.

With their technology, QE-Labs can offer a detailed technical risk assessment of PV projects, improving the likelihood that they will be financed and insured. This in turns promotes the adoption of solar energy, supporting a low-carbon future.

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Pipeline incidents resulting in methane loss are contributors to emissons. With the penultimate goal of automating pipeline surveillance so such incidents are minimized, Vigti offers an AI-based software that functions as an early detection system and classify, quantify and localise anomalies such as leaks, bursts and water ingress, which would otherwise go undetected.

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Vortec Group

Vortec Group

Vortec Group pioneered a Ventilator and Augmented Displacement Ventilation System (ADV®) system to create a bladeless ceiling fan that is energy efficient, cooling and helps reduce societal dependence on air-conditioning which contributes substantially to our carbon footprint.

They are now developing an Intelligent Energy Storage System (i-ESS) that aims to revolutionise how power and energy can be managed in the future. Utilising dynamic power electronics control, i-ESS overcomes the drawbacks associated with conventional ESS solutions - replacing deteriorated cells will now be a straightforward task and end-of-life batteries get a second lease of life.

Vortec’s reimagination of the energy storage system supports the global shift to alternative energy solutions for a low-carbon future.

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