Challenges in fuel management¹

  • 44% of managers believe fuel storage contributes to breakdowns at their company

  • 84% say there is room for improvement in the way their company stores and manages its fuel

  • 52% do not conduct staff training about effective fuel housekeeping to prevent contamination/ fuel aging

1 Based on a survey with decision-making staff from the fleet and construction industries, commissioned by Shell and conducted by Edelman Intelligence.



  • Poor quality fuels affecting equipment reliability, resulting in unplanned plant shutdown.
  • Lack of expert knowledge to deal with product contamination issues..
  • High fuel consumption due to poor optimisation.
  • Lack of technical expertise in selecting and introducing new fuels into operations.
  • Compliance with increasingly stringent environmental legislation.




  • Choose the right place

    Choose the right place

    The right location doesn’t just reduce transportation and refuelling costs, it can also prolong the life of the fuel. Choose the coolest place possible to site your tank, as heat can act to age the fuel faster.

  • Pick the right tank and maintain it

    Pick the right tank and maintain it

    Check the tank regularly for water build-up and deposits. Drain if necessary. At regular intervals, take and test samples to monitor the quality of the fuel.

  • Maintain a clean working environment

    Maintain a clean working environment

    Make sure the fuel tank, pipes and connections are free from contamination. Empty and clean the tank at least once every ten years.

Working with a trusted fuels partner can help you implement these steps and more, such as industry best practice and proven solutions. Take advantage of our expertise and unlock savings potential to support your bottom line and business performance.



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