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BeeX manufactures Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, leveraging self-driving technology to overcome the high operational costs and risks of underwater infrastructure inspections.

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Green COP

Green COP’s patented pre-treatment formulation and fermentation process allows bio-waste to be converted to bio-fuel and other bio-resources.

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reActo offers a sustainable solution for hard-to-treat wastewater that focuses on complete decomposition of Persistent Organic Pollutants on-site with no sludge or waste to landfill.

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RushOwl is a mass transit network offering on-demand shuttle services powered by AI and dynamic routing. RushOwl serves the public, businesses and government bodies to enable smart transportation.

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SunGreenG2 uses nanotechnology and advanced materials to create the world’s highest performance electrolysers for green hydrogen production at a low cost.

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Synectify helps energy producers address grid volatility and stranded power through high-density baseload computing solutions.

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