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Whatever your energy needs, we can prepare a solution designed to make your energy management smooth, simple and future-proof. Our solutions platform can help improve energy efficiency to meet your CO2 targets and requirements, ensure business critical functions operate without costly interruptions and take active control of your business energy with unique measurement and monitoring options. When combining Distributed Energy with Shell Energy supply (in eligible markets) we provide a comprehensive solution, tailored specifically to your needs.

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  • Cost Reduction

    Cost Reduction

    Our Distributed Energy platform is designed to reduce your total cost of energy by leveraging a combination of solutions and technology. We will help you to identify opportunities to cut down energy cost through proactive maintenance and replacement of equipment, the deployment of renewable on-site generation and energy storage, and the financing options that best fit your needs. Our customised solutions are designed to help lower total cost of operation.

  • Resiliency


    We can help protect your business operations from external events and outages with a range of behind-the-meter solutions, from back-up generation and battery storage, to combined heat & power and solar panels. In eligible markets, we can also help in generating additional sources of revenue, by connecting and controlling flexible load/generation to offer a service to utility or network operators, which includes investment deferral on costly upgrades.

  • Efficiency and Sustainability

    Efficiency and Sustainability

    Upgrade your infrastructure to more energy efficient equipment to lower your carbon footprint. Solutions include lighting, heating, ventilation and electric vehicle charging.

  • Simplification


    Our technical experts can help you simplify procurement, deployment, and operations and maintenance of your energy infrastructure, covering all ends of your energy-demand needs. Our solutions include enterprise-wide reports you can access through your mobile device, remote monitoring, system diagnostics, and asset optimisation.

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