How to sign up for Shell GO+ SAFRA Membership

  1. Download the Shell GO+ App
  2. Go to ‘Account’ and tap on ‘View and Edit Account’
  3. Tap on ‘Membership Type’
  4. Tap on ‘Change Membership’
  5. Key in your unique Shell GO+ SAFRA membership code and tap on “Confirm”
  6. SAFRA membership is now reflected in your GO+ account

How to get your Shell GO+ SAFRA Membership Code

  1. Download SAFRA mobile app
  2. Click on <eVouchers> icon on home screen
  3. Scroll down the list of e-voucher images in your <Wallet> and select Shell
  4. Follow the instructions on the e-voucher and redeem the e-voucher
  5. View your unique Shell GO+ membership code on the <History> tab after redemption

Benefits for Shell GO+ SAFRA membership customers

  • red color fuel pump icon

    Enjoy additional 2% upfront discount

  • red color basket icon

    Enjoy special Shell offers

  • red color star icon

    Earn Shell GO+ loyalty points on all purchases

  • red color gift icon

    Receive vouchers worth S$28* for new/renewed SAFRA members

Promotion Details

Based on​

S$100 gross spend on fuel ​

at Shell

New/Renewed SAFRA
Members on Shell GO+1
Members on Shell GO+2
Shell GO+ members
Shell Station Discount S$5.00 S$5.00 S$5.00
Shell GO+ Members Discount S$5.00 S$5.00 S$5.00
Shell GO+ SAFRA Members Discount3 S$2.00 S$2.00 -
Selected Credit Card Discount4 S$7.00 S$7.00 S$7.00
Total upfront discount S$19.00 S$19.00 S$17.00
New/Renewed SAFRA member fuel vouchers5 S$6 - -
Nett Spend S$75 S$81.00 S$83.00

Up to 5% cashback​

 with selected credit cards6

S$3.75 S$4.05 S$4.15
Total Effective Savings (S$) S$28.75 S$23.05 S$21.15
Total Effective Savings (%) 28.75% 23.05% 21.15%

Terms and Conditions

1New/Renewed SAFRA members refers to SAFRA members who have signed up or renewed their SAFRA membership from 15 February 2024 onwards.

2All SAFRA Members on Shell GO+ refers to Shell GO+ members with a valid SAFRA membership type. Shell GO+ membership must be successfully upgraded to SAFRA membership type to be eligible for Shell GO+ SAFRA discount. Every customer is only eligible to one scheme type on Shell GO+ at any given time.

3Shell GO+ SAFRA Discount is calculated based on an additional 2% upfront SAFRA membership type discount. SAFRA members are not automatically eligible for the additional 2% upfront SAFRA membership type discount. Shell GO+ Digital membership with a valid SAFRA membership type must be presented upon payment to be awarded the discounts.

4Selected credit card discounts refer to selected credit card discounts with Shell’s bank partners. Shell GO+ Digital membership must be presented upon payment to be awarded the discounts. For more information, visit

5New/Renewed SAFRA member fuel vouchers are calculated based on S$6 off S$80 spend on Shell V-Power fuel for new/renewed SAFRA members.

6Up to 5% cashback with selected credit cards refers to selected credit card cashback with Shell’s bank partners. For more information, visit

^These conditions may be amended or supplemented by SAFRA and Shell from time to time and such changes shall take effect without any prior notification nor be subjected to the consent of the Customer. All decisions made by SAFRA and Shell will be final.

#28.75% fuel savings is calculated based on 5% Shell station discount, 5% upfront Shell GO+ membership discount, 2% upfront SAFRA membership type discount, 7% selected credit card discount, S$6 off S$80 spend on Shell V-Power fuel voucher discount, and if applicable, up to 5% selected credit card cashback.

*Vouchers consist of 4 pieces of $4 off $70 spend on all Shell Fuels and 2 pieces of $6 off $80 spend on Shell V-Power.