Adding value to your business

We understand the pressure today’s fleets are under to perform and compete – that your business and your reputation depend on being able to deliver on time and for less, but without compromising on safety or sustainability.

At Shell, we have developed the solutions you need to meet those challenges – whether you are operating a fleet of trucks, vans or executive cars.

Your complete HSSE partner

Your complete HSSE partner

From your drivers to your vehicles to your running costs, we are here to help you take more comtrol of HSSE matters and get more out of your fleet. Shell’s HSSE expertise helps you improve performance across your fleet – with measurable results.

You may be looking to:

  • Boost driver well-being
  • Improve your team’s driving skills
  • Focused on improving fuel efficiency and journey planning
  • Target eco-initiatives

The exact services we offer varies from region to region – please speak to your Shell contact to learn more.

Use our experience to drive your performance

Our range of HSSE services are built on 50 years of Shell fleet expertise and have been developed to help you improve every aspect of your operations, saving you time and money along the way.




Keeping your team performing at its best

Helping your team people to stay fit and ready to drive is key. This can range from:

  • Offering tips on a good night’s sleep
  • Advising on healthy nutritional choices
  • Suggesting driver-friendly fitness regimes
  • Choose to put a formal health and wellbeing programme in place that educates and engages drivers on these and other issues.


Delivering safe and efficient operations

Everything starts with a well-trained team, so training beyond the mandatory requirements can be a good place to start. This needs to be backed by:

  • A well run vehicle maintenance programme, whether inhouse or through a third party
  • Detailed journey management plan that ensures your drivers and vehicles are operating to safe routes & timetables
  • Telematics is another good way to make smarter decisions on all these issues and can benefit fleets of all sizes.


Being secure across the business

Keeping your people, vehicles, property and data safe gives you peace of mind. By selecting the Shell Fleet Card you get access to:

  • Advanced security features
  • Shell Fleet Hub platform to manage and store data in a secure way
  • Guidance on how drivers can have a greater sence of personal security both on the road and at retail sites when they stop to refuel and rest.


Managing environmental impact

We are constantly evolving our services in this area and introducing new ways to help fleets make more sustainable choices that are both practical and affordable through:

  • Growing e-mobility charging network
  • Alternative fuels and biofuels
  • Innovative traditional fuels and lubricants
  • Offsetting CO2 emissions easily.

Engage your team

Tools to help you engage your team

With Shell’s research into areas of HSSE, including external expertice sources, we’ve created a range of education and training. They explain the key issues at play and the benefits for everyone of taking positive action.

Contact your local sales team for:

  • Communications matertials such as videos, learning tools and team presentations
  • Training material and event opportunities.


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