To be eligible for the programme, start-ups/enterprises must fulfil the following criteria:


  • Registered in Singapore or have significant business operations in Singapore
  • Less than SGD$100 Million in annual sales turnover
  • Group employment size below 200 employees
  • Minimum of 30% local ordinary shareholding [This requirement applies only for purposes of the post-programme funding opportunity]

The start-up/enterprise should have solutions that can support the Singapore Energy Story, and also fall within the following focus areas:

No.  Focus Area Description(including but not limited to)
1 New Fuels & Power Solutions involving new fuels such as biofuels, hydrogen, electrification, renewables such as solar, wind, energy storage etc
2 Energy efficiency Solutions which can reduce energy consumption by using less energy to attain the same amount of useful output
3 Carbon Capture, Storage, Utilization Solutions which capture, store and utilize carbon dioxide effectively, supporting a low-carbon future
4 Future of Mobility Solutions and technologies that are revolutionising the way we move, while balancing efforts to reduce CO₂ and local emissions. This can include solutions for mobility on land, in the sea or air.
5 Circular Economy & Waste Reduction Solutions which drive efficient use of resources and support zero waste, including but not limited to the energy space.


Month Activity
June - July Application Window closes on 6th August 2021 at 2359hrs

Shortlisted start-ups will be invited for Selection Day. Final start-ups will be invited to join programme

September – February 2022

Programme Commences

February 2022 Demo Day

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