To be eligible for the programme, start-ups/enterprises must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Registered in Singapore or have significant business operations in Singapore
  • Should be pre-series A stage
  • Less than SGD$20 Million in annual sales turnover
  • Group employment size below 50 employees (including founders and co-founders)

The start-up/enterprise should have solutions that fall within the following focus areas:


No. Focus Area Description(including but not limited to)
1 Digital & AI-Driven Decarbonisation Digital and AI-enabled solutions that can improve energy and operational efficiency. This includes technologies that support accounting and reporting of emissions, and innovations that empower commodity trading and the carbon market.
2 Advanced Transportation and Mobility Solutions that help reduce emissions from mobility on land, in the sea or air. This includes technologies that accelerate EV adoption, battery repurposing technologies, Vehicle-to-Grid technologies, mobility as a service innovation and complementary services to EV charging.
3 Low Carbon Fuels and Power​ Solutions involving waste-to-energy, hydrogen, biofuels, electrification, renewables such as solar, wind and innovative energy storage solutions.
4 Nature-Based Solutions Solutions that harness natural processes to reduce or remove CO2 emissions, while bringing benefits to the local community and natural environment. This includes technologies which help improve the quality and integrity of NBS projects, such as those that support Measurement, Reporting and Verification for nature-based carbon projects.
5 Carbon Capture, Utilisation​ & Storage Solutions which capture, store, and utilise carbon dioxide effectively, supporting a low-carbon future. This includes engineered technologies that convert CO2 into high-value products such as synthetic fuels.


Month Activity
June - July Application window closes on 31st July at 2359hrs

Shortlisted start-ups will be invited for Selection Day. Final start-ups will be invited to join programme

September – March 2025

Programme Commences

March 2025 Demo Day

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