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We are in a strong position to provide your business with a better energy future. Shell has a long history and extensive experience of delivering and operating complex and technically challenging energy solutions. We are committed to delivering and operating to the highest technical and safety standards. Our Distributed Energy platform offers an extensive portfolio of products and services. Our solutions include on-site generation through renewables and CHP and cleaner energy solutions across a global portfolio of gas, power and environmental products. We can tailor these opportunities to specifically suit your business and provide a complete solution which is designed to help you increase cost effectiveness, reliability, and sustainability.

On-site energy solutions

Installing on-site energy generation and storage assets can provide more sustainable and cost-effective energy, whilst providing resiliency during grid outages. By taking advantage of market supply and offtake products from Shell Energy Marketing and Trading, you may also benefit from reselling any excess energy you generate. See more information here about Shell Energy Marketing & Trading.

On-Site Renewable Energy

Behind-the-meter Renewables - Solar

We deploy on-site, reliable, and clean solar energy that reduces your carbon footprint in a cost-effective manner.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power (CHP)

We integrate co-generation and tri-generation with renewables for microgrids, and build and refurbish stand-alone plants, offering complete Energy as Service Agreement packages. Using CHP or cogeneration provides your business with a modern, lower-carbon solution to coal or heavy fuel. We apply our deep knowledge of integrating with existing building controls and automation, to design a solution specifically to meet your business needs.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage

With the continuous improvement in technology and reduction in the cost of storage, integrating energy storage at your locations to load shed during peak periods and extending renewable generation (such as Solar PV) is becoming affordable and easy to implement. For embedded networks, improved local network reliability, deferred electrical capacity infrastructure investments, and increased participation in demand response programs and wholesale markets are being adopted nationwide.

Asset Management & Operation

By outsourcing your energy systems to Shell, you gain both energy reliability and savings. We handle the optimisation, maintenance, and upgrades for your energy systems. Your organisation can minimise unscheduled downtime and can focus its time and capital on its core business.

Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance

We can take responsibility for your maintenance planning and execution. Through the application of our predictive and regular maintenance programmes, we can help mitigate the risk of unscheduled downtime and equipment failure.

Applying predictive maintenance ensures your equipment is proactively repaired and optimised, increasing system efficiency and extending the life of your equipment.

Regular maintenance will sustain capacity, extend the useful life of your equipment and help reduce unplanned repair costs.

Asset Optimization

Asset Optimisation

Our Distributed Energy platform can help you maximise asset performance while lowering overall energy costs. Our advanced monitoring and controls are designed to provide you with visibility of system performance to optimise your energy assets, so they can last longer, run better, and cost less.

Energy Supply & Market Access

Shell Energy Marketing and Trading has power operations in more than 20 countries with differing market structures and levels of regulation. We have decades of experience trading power and supplying it wholesale to energy retailers.

Energy Supply and Offtake

Energy Supply & Offtake

We work with Shell Energy Marketing and Trading offering a global and diverse portfolio of cleaner energy solutions delivered with unmatched scale and reliability. These include natural gas, power and environmental products.

Natural Gas Solutions

Natural Gas Solutions

The natural choice for cleaner hydrocarbon energy. For years to come, natural gas will play an important role as a complement to renewables — for both power generation and backing up renewable energy intermittency. Shell Energy Marketing and trading can be your stable partner wherever your energy roadmap takes you, providing a reliable supply of natural gas, innovative deal structures, financing, long-term contracts, and risk management solutions.



Flexible solutions tailored to your green energy goals. As the world transitions to cleaner energy solutions, Shell Energy Marketing and Trading can help you develop a plan to meet your ideal green power mix.

Emissions Products

Emissions Products

Solutions for greener operations on the journey to cleaner energy. Whether you are looking for a slight reduction of your company’s footprint, or to achieve net-zero emissions, we can tailor a package of Shell Energy emissions products to meet your specific objectives, ranging from buying carbon credits to investing in nature-based solutions.

Flexibility Management & Optimisation

Flexibility Management & Optimisation

Shell Energy Marketing and Trading can enable you to capitalise on increased insight into your operational activities with Demand Side Response. We can also provide revenue creation opportunities through participation in balancing and reserve markets, helping to operate regional energy systems in a sustainable way and reducing demand-based charges on your energy bill.

For more information, contact Shell Energy Marketing & Trading.

Fleet Fuels

Fleet Fuels

Shell offers a range of fleet fuel solutions from electric mobility charging infrastructure and management to traditional fuels, like petrol and diesel, liquefied natural gas for heavy shipping and heavy transport, as well as hydrogen and biofuels.

Financing & Commercial Models

Shell Energy Distributed Energy has significant expertise in commercial structuring to support a wide-range of zero-capital options to our customers including leasing, tolling, power purchase agreements, energy service and energy savings agreements. Our bespoke models allow your business to focus its capital on strategic projects and revenue-generating assets.

Other Commercial Structures

We assess your business needs and help you navigate through the financing options and appropriate commercial structures that best fit your energy goals. We will work with you to evaluate and develop potential solutions including zero or low capital structures, equipment leases, tolling arrangements, and capacity agreements with functional guarantees on all systems.

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