How today's youth see our world in 2050

Team Seashell from Singapore emerged champion in the Shell Imagine the Future Scenarios Competition Regional Finals 2021/2022. (In a close finish) The team from Nanyang Technological University painted two futures for Ho Chi Minh City in 2050. Each year, student teams pick a city of their choice as they answer the question, “What will more and cleaner energy look like in an Asia Pacific or Middle Eastern city in 2050. How will residents live, work and play?”.

team gryfinder
Team Gryffindor from Mansoura University, Tanta University

In 2050, how People In Fayoum Will Live, Work And Play? by Gryffindor, Egypt

In "from seed to machine" scenario, Water scarcity was the turning point that made Fayoum became one of the leading industrial cities in Egypt instead of being agriculture dependent. The city has also witnessed a great technological development, as there are many ways to produce clean and more energy, such as solar energy, geothermal energy, and energy from sound and molten salt and the use of piezoelectric devices. People life is now easier due to the services that are provided to them like better education and health. Thanks to the job opportunities, the Emigration dropped. People also have many ways of entertainment like hologram technology. On the other hand, In "Fayoum city "the little Egypt"" the city becomes a green city depends on agriculture, tourism and fishing. The revival point of this scenario is Qarun Lake. The laws imposed, purification techniques applied and the interesting activities built around it makes it a crucial element that changes the whole city. Some crafts are back to be pioneering again like textile and poultry. The workshops of these crafts are the main ways of entertainment for the children in order to establish the profession. Also the education is directed to serve these crafts. The main sources of energy in the city is solar panels and wind turbines.

team double powershell
Team Seashell from Nanyang Technological University

Imagining the Future of Ho Chi Minh City by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Team Seashell analyses the status quo of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), and evaluates how the critical uncertainties, namely the economic and environmental aspects, may affect the city’s future.

The team postulated two futures: Cờ đỏ and Sao vàng.

1) Cờ đỏ - The Red Flag:

In ‘The Red Flag’, the city sticks to the status quo of a tertiary-focused economy, whilst efforts to deal with the environment remain the same. The city is powered by 7G technology, and many people’s lives revolve around the Embodied Virtual Reality Universe (EVRU) and the Internet of Things. Although these ground-breaking technologies have revolutionised the way some residents work, live, and play, this future is not perfect.

2) Sao vàng - The Golden Star:

In ‘The Golden Star’, the city transitions to a secondary-focused economy, whilst efforts to deal with the environment increase. The new economy is powered by Advanced Additive Manufacturing technology. This technology propels the city to become a leading high-end manufacturing hub in the region. It also allows the city to successfully improve their clean energy systems and adopt new ones. The environment is also in a better state than it was in the past.

team double powerpuffs
Team Double Powerpuffs from Assumption University Thailand, Thammasat Business School, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce

A whole new look for HCM city in 2050 by Double Powerpuffs, Thailand 

Given that people's awareness and behavior have a great impact on the future of energy, the representative team of Thailand has taken the resource status as a common ground to construct 2 possible scenarios for Ho Chi Minh City.

In the Horizontal Future, given the shortage of natural resources due to the excessive energy usage for rapid development. The city faced a major population and environment dilemma, people started to become more individualistic to cope with the Energy Crisis. The main focus of Ho Chi Minh City at this point in time is to further push Advanced Technology development, aspiring to discover new renewable sources and solutions to sustainability. Competitiveness and wealth gap in society will be further intensified, this situation opposed to new challenges, yet envisioning opportunities (possibilities) for the city to prosper.

On the other hand, in Vertical Future, Ho Chi Minh City is expected to have abundant resources as a result of efficient usage and preservation. To fully utilize these resources while ensuring social welfare, the government allows initial high spending and carries out The Subterranean Project. By being collectivist-oriented, residents inside the city will help each other become acquainted with the concept of living underground. The underground space, so-called District 14, will be developed with the aim of sustaining the nation’s precious resources and ensuring a higher living standard for residents to live, work, and play (inhibit).

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