How could the world meet future energy demand while reducing net carbon emissions to zero?

The question was addressed by Jeremy Bentham, VP Global Business Environment and Head of Shell Scenarios, at the World Cities Summit (WCS) held in Singapore.

In his opening remarks, Royal Dutch Shell Chairman Chad Holliday, acknowledged the climate challenge we are in and the critical role energy continues to play in enabling a better life for people around the world.

VP Global Business Environment and Head of Shell Scenarios Jeremy Bentham reinforced that, saying that cities all over the world share similar traits like the need for energy and water. And as cities continue to grow, the demand for such vital resources will heighten drastically.  

Jeremy talked about such present-day challenges and the difficulties faced in decarbonising key economic sectors. He noted that there is no single way out, but rather the future will be built based on a patchwork of solutions to meet growing energy demand while decarbonising. This will require foresight, collaboration and policy making, amongst other measures.

Shell has been a sponsor at World Cities Summit, a biennial convention that brings city leaders, international organisations and industry experts together to co-create solutions for a sustainable future together, since 2012.

About Shell Scenarios

Shell has been developing possible visions of the future since the 1970s. Shell Scenarios ask “what if?” questions encouraging leaders to consider events that may only be remote possibilities, and stretch their thinking. Scenarios do not describe what will happen (a forecast) or what should happen (a policy prescription), but what could happen. Our scenarios also help governments, academia and business in understanding possibilities and uncertainties ahead.

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About the Shell Singapore 125 Lecture Series

This event was part of the Shell Singapore 125 Lecture Series – a dedicated series of thought leadership seminars presented by subject matter experts and industry practitioners. The Series is held to celebrate Shell’s 125 years in Singapore, and aims to bring people together for a vibrant exchange of ideas.