About Shell Traffic Games

More than a million children played Shell Traffic Games since its launch in 1958. A yearly affair, Shell Traffic Games is a cornerstone in the primary school curriculum for road safety education.

Shell Traffic Games provides an interactive fun way for children to learn about road safety. Children can role play as pedestrians or motorists (via riding bicycles or go-karts) to learn basic traffic rules. Shell Traffic Games takes place at Road Safety Park at East Coast, which is able emulate road conditions.

To bring road safety education into the heartlands, Shell unveiled the first RoadSense Corner at St. Hilda’s Primary School in 2015. That year was also the 35th anniversary of Shell Traffic Games.

Shell currently works with Singapore Traffic Police and Singapore Road Safety Council to better spread awareness on road safety via Shell Traffic Games.

Road Safety a Top Priority

Did you know that Shell staff and contractors around the world drive almost one billion kilometres each year? That is equivalent to roughly 70 times around the globe daily. As such, Shell Singapore has provided other initiatives below to promote Road Safety in our communities.

Sharing Best Safety Practices

Management of Hauler members discussion
Management of Hauler and Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers discussing a case scenario

Since 2012, there were a total of 791 injuries and 39 fatal accidents involving Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV), on our roads. Driving HGV has many risks due to the vehicles’ weight and size. Under fatigue, these drivers may not be able to keep a proper lookout, give way to traffic, or maintain proper control, leading to accidents.

In lieu of these accidents, and to promote safety, Shell Singapore invited the management of the drivers and haulers for a session to share best safety practices. This was done via case scenarios of real-life situations that happened. The management would then discuss on the steps their company took to handle the situations.

These case studies followed themes of;

  • Care
  • Dilemmas
  • Risk Normalisation 

VR to Mimic Drunkenness

Person standing with VR

Shell focuses on its customers’ road safety as well. Shell held a two-part session with one of Shell’s key customer, City Gas, to advocate the importance of road safety.

To make the session more interactive, Shell introduced Virtual Reality (VR) to simulate how one feels when he or she is drunk. A VR headset is used to create double images or blurred vision for the user, akin to drunkenness.

A simple task such as grabbing an object from a person’s hand would be much more difficult. Beside VR, the session also constitutes case studies, road safety statistics, and advices such as road safety rule reminders and definitions.

The inaugural session was a success, drawing good feedback from the attendees, and being extended by an hour.

Have a question?

Members of the public may call the Traffic Police at +65 6440 9887 for enquiries or visit the Road Safety Community Park (RSCP) for more information.

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