Undergraduates from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore flew the national flag after conquering the streets around Rizal Park, Manila, to bring home six awards in the last edition of Shell Eco-marathon Asia to be held in the Philippine city. The student innovation competition, which gathered university teams from around the world to compete on fuel efficiency, saw two teams from NTU beat 117 entrants from 17 countries to secure four out of five off-track awards, as well as bronze awards in the on-track battery electric category.

ITE’s Team EcoTraveller finished fourth, beating their past year’s efficiency record.

While Team NTU 3D-Printed Car went head-to-head with eight other teams in the UrbanConcept (Battery Electric) category, its sister team, Nanyang E-Drive, competed with 13 other qualifying cars in the Prototype (Battery Electric) category. Both teams, which were present at last year’s competition, finished third place after successfully clearing the inspection pit stop, surpassing their previous year’ performance.

Team EcoTraveller from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in Singapore also emerged fourth place in the Prototype (Battery Electric) category, clocking in right after the Nanyang EDrive team.

“It has been an amazing experience for us this year. We had only hoped to achieve a valid run on track this year, but our perseverance has truly paid off as we not only met, but exceeded our own expectations. We began this project as a test-bed to show that 3-D printing can be applied to large-scale creations, and we are glad that we have also inspired other teams at the competition to do the same.”

Ahmad Ibrahim bin Mohammad Taha, a team member of Team NTU 3DPrintedCar.

“Shell Eco-marathon has always been about challenging present benchmarks and pushing for new sustainability standards when it comes to forward thinking about energy and mobility,” said Jason Leow, General Manager, External Relations, Shell Singapore. “As we close this year’s Asia edition in Manila, I’m proud to have witnessed the show of passion and perseverance displayed by the various student teams in continually improving on their vehicles. Their unfailing spirit and creativity will surely inspire more talented youths around the world to get involved in ideating future-oriented solutions to meet our evolving energy needs.”

This year will see the most significant change to Shell Eco-marathon since the competition began 30 years ago, with the introduction of the Drivers’ World Championship. Drivers will compete in a traditional racing car format whilst maintaining the need to drive efficiently, at the end of which the winning team will earn an invite to spend one week with Scuderia Ferrari at their factory in Italy. Once in Maranello, they will meet the team and receive personal coaching and advice from the engineers on how they can improve their car for the 2017 Shell Eco-marathon.

Team NTU 3d-Printed Car’s (the white car) performance earned an invitation to th Drivers’ World Championship in London held later this year.

Based on this year’s results, four UrbanConcept teams have qualified for the Drivers’ World Championship, held at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London later this year. Team NTU 3D-Printed Car is amongst those invited to compete at the event, having qualified as a wildcard entrant. The other qualified teams include three teams from Indonesia and a team from the Philippines .

"The Shell Eco-marathon Drivers’ World Championship Race marks an important step in the evolution of Shell Eco-marathon and the global drive for energy efficiency, challenging the students to push further than they have before,” said Norman Koch, Shell Eco-marathon Global Technical Director. “I’m extremely excited to see five teams from Shell Eco-marathon Asia clock strong mileage results in order to qualify for the Drivers’ World Championship at Make The Future London, and I look forward to seeing them compete against the best in the world."

Five Off-Track Awards Presented to Outstanding Student Teams

In addition to the 24 On-Track awards, teams also competed for five Off-Track Awards that tested their technical and creative skills, as well as their approach to safety and sustainability. A panel of experts from various fields judged the students on a variety of categories that covered Communications, Vehicle Design, Technical Innovation, Safety, and Perseverance and Spirit of the Event.

Two student teams from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore won four of the five off-track awards, with Team NTU 3D-Printed Car bringing home the Communications and Safety awards. They share the Vehicle Design award with Team NSTRU Eco-Racing from Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University, Thailand.

Team Nanyang’s E-Drive in action

Team Nanyang E-Drive received the award for Technical Innovation for their application of a unique battery fire suppression system. It utilises CO2 to prevent the battery from igniting as a result of overheating. This self-created technology – which was partly devised using a guitar string – was simple, effective and robust in ensuring that both the driver and the vehicle remained safe while it was on the track.

Associate Professor Ng Heong Wah, who mentored the two NTU teams, said, “Not only did the students use their engineering knowledge, they also went beyond what they learnt in their curriculum to find new ways to improve fuel efficiency and performance while ensuring the safety standards,” he said. “With new teams joining the race every year, the competition gets tougher, and our win was so close that it was down to mere decimals. These awards are proof of the students’ relentless perseverance, determination, and drive to want to do NTU proud.

900 engineers from 17 countries in Asia, MENA and Australia push the boundaries of energy efficiency at Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2016

Shell Eco-marathon Asia welcomed close to 30,000 members of the public over the span of four days, who got up close to the student competition and watched live performances at the Fan Zone. Visitors were also treated to a captivating and educational adventure into the future of energy, cities and sustainability at the Energy Zone, and enjoyed an outdoor festival where they were able to participate in activities and grab a bite to eat.

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