In Singapore, there has been an increasing percentage of families where both mother and father are working. Some of these families do not have the resources to arrange for after-school care, leaving their children to return to empty homes. Children who are at home without adult supervision are exposed to many potential risks. They can get restless, deviate from their routines and even take part in undesirable activities.

This is where family centres like Lakeside Family Services (LFS) come in to help.

Established in 1993, LFS provides services to children, youth, seniors and families through after-school care, financial assistance, counselling, and youth and family development programmes among others.

Shell Singapore has been working with Lakeside Family Services for many years. Every year, our volunteers organise about 20 educational and interactive confidence-building activities for youths in LFS. We have also raised funds internally to sponsor manpower-intensive, or long-term impact projects such as weekly tutoring, family bonding programmes and reading programmes at LFS.

You can also contribute by volunteering, donating or participating in LFS community events. Contact Lakeside Family Services to find out more.