Caring for rental block residents

Shell works with the South West Community Development Council to regularly engage and care for needy families and elderly residents, and has adopted rental blocks in the South West District since 2012. Shell volunteers organise activities that cater to the social wellness and home improvement needs of these residents. Past activities include food drops, movie nights as well as cleaning and sprucing up the residents' homes.

Let’s Paint! Singapore

SG50 wall mural

Shell brings colours to enliven community space

To commemorate the nation's significant milestone, Shell volunteers came together to paint murals depicting Singapore's progress and heritage.

Shell’s contribution to the South West district started with the adoption of two rental blocks in Telok Blangah in 2009. Shell organizes regular activities and outings for the community. More recently, to commemorate the nation’s milestone celebration, SG50, 180 Shell volunteers joined residents and students to paint 50 wall murals at the void deck of Block 45 Telok Blangah drive in July 2015. The murals depict Singapore’s nation building and progress, and Shell’s contributions to the community over the years. 

Shell is fully committed to maintaining a positive relationship with the community it operates in. Our efforts include involve painting a pleasant community for the residents.

“The murals highlight the hard work and contributions of our people and how our nation has grown over the decades. Shell has been in Singapore since 1891 and its contributions to our nation’s development go beyond business. Like the vibrant murals here, Shell’s presence in Singapore has added life and colour to our city with its support of the arts, education and community initiatives.”

South West District Mayor Low Yen Ling.

Lakeside Family Services

Shell presented the donation of S$45,000 to Lakeside Family Services.
Shell presented the donation of S$45,000 to Lakeside Family Services.

Shell’s partnership with the Lakeside Family Services (LFS) has blossomed over the years. What started between Shell Jurong Island (SJI) and LFS back in 2011 has now developed into a strong relationship that touches many lives. Shell and Lakeside Family Services organise various fun and enriching activities throughout the year for LFS’ beneficiaries. 

The activities that help to enrich the lives of the individuals and families include safety education, movie outings, bowling events and many others. Through these, Shell employees also have an opportunity to contribute back to the community. It’s a two-way partnership – SJI also benefits from the expertise that LFS shares with the staff.

Shell continues to explore ways to contribute to and address the needs to the community.

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