Shell V-Power Nitro+ contains a unique double action formula, to prevent and remove performance-robbing engine deposits.

With 25% more friction reducer*, it is designed to act instantly to improve performance, helping the engine deliver more power to the wheels.

It is also designed to form a protective film on metal surfaces to defend against corrosion.
Use Shell V-Power Nitro+ continuously to keep your engine feeling like new.

Because your drive is only as good as your engine.


* Actual effects and benefits may vary according to vehicle, age of vehicle, driving conditions and driving style. Actual potential benefits relate to a detergency element which is designed to help clean up existing deposits in your engine.
† Compared with previous Shell V-Power formulation.


Engine Deposits

Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline VS Lower Quality Premium Gasoline Intake valve deposit results based on ASTM D6201.
Shell V-Power Nitro+ (left) versus a Lower Quality Premium Fuel (right)

Engine deposits are due to the carbon build-up on intake valves and fuel injectors. Engine that have carbon deposit build-up on the fuel intake systems, may work less efficiently.

The advanced formulation in Shell V-Power Nitro+ is designed to get to work instantly in your engine on the deposits which can reduce performance. It actively helps to clean your engine to restore performance and is designed to help your engine deliver to its performance potential.


Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline VS Leading Competitor Corrosion results obtained using ASTM D7548/D665.
Shell V-Power Nitro+ (left) versus a Leading Competitor (right)

Corrosion is caused by moisture and other contaminants that can make their way into a vehicle’s fuel tank.

It can impact the fuel pump, fuel lines, and fuel injectors. Furthermore, formation of particles from corrosive processes such as rusting of steel surfaces can contribute to the blocking of fuel filters, impacting overall vehicle operation.

The advanced formulation in Shell V-Power Nitro+ is designed to form a protective film on metal surfaces to defend against corrosion.

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For Shell Escape customers

Earn 1.2 Shell Escape Points for every litre of Shell V-Power Nitro+ purchased.


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Shell V-Power Nitro+ works hand in hand with Shell Helix Ultra to protect your engine. Combining Shell PurePlus Technology with Active Cleansing Technology, Shell Helix Ultra delivers higher# levels of engine cleanliness and protection.

#Compared with previous versions of Shell Helix Ultra

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