Developed by Shell scientists and put through extensive trials, Shell FuelSave is the product of specialist expertise and rigorous research. Enriched with Active Efficiency Ingredients, Shell FuelSave keeps your engine clean and improves fuel economy* as you go from school pick-ups to Sunday picnics. So go ahead – live life full-on.

At Shell we’re passionate about fuel efficiency. That’s why we’ve put together a series of Fuel Saving Tips for our customers. Choose Shell FuelSave and complement it with these fuel-saving tips to help enhance your fuel efficiency.

Fuel-saving tips

  • Ensure correct tyre pressure

        Correctly inflated tyres are safer, last longer, and can help improve your fuel economy, compared to under or over inflated tyres.

  • Avoid carrying excessive weight

        Keep your boot and back seats clear of items that add unnecessary weight.

  • Drive smoothly

        Avoid accelerating or braking too harshly, and keep your steering smooth.

  • Avoid excessive idling

        Turn the engine off while waiting. As a rule, turn off your engine if you stop for more than 1 minute.

*comparison between a standard petrol/diesel and that same petrol/diesel [of the same bio-content] containing our fuel economy formula. Savings may vary according to vehicle/driving conditions and driving style.

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