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Banana Chips

Everything Banana

"Great Taste, Guilt Free Snacking".

We created this product to satisfy the need for plant-based, all-natural and less-is-better snacking. The banana chip represents our Asian heritage, widely accepted and loved in Singapore and around the region. It is the perfect food- 100% fruit and 100% food. Being highly nutritious and tasty, we turned this into a meaningful snack using natural whole ingredients in 5 flavors. Presented in a modern crisp, the result is a fantastic chip that is tasty yet guilt free.

Win Win Food

Win Win Food

Win Win Food is a manufacturer of Chocolate Products, Biscuits and Cookies. A family owned business was founded in 2005. With its production facilities are located in Malaysia for cost effectiveness the factories focus on Singapore & Malaysia markets. With its export hub in Singapore, it has since expanded and Win Win products is now present in more than 20 countries throughout Asia Pacific and Middle East region and including China, Japan and Korea.

The Company has invested substantially in capital, equipment and manpower. We employed the latest technology and equipment for the manufacturing process ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. We are a HACCP, GMP AND ISO22000 certified manufacturer.

Our Best sellers is the Potato crisp. Made from fresh potatoes and baked. It comes is several flavours – BBQ, Veg , Sour Cream, Tomato, Sweet potato and the latest being Himalayan salt and Corn flavour.