Our Partners

  • Mdm Ling Bakery

    Mdm Ling Bakery

    In a short span of 3 years, Mdm Ling Bakery has been gaining popularity thanks to its focus on quality and customer experience. The brand is iconic for its famous buns - exclusively distributed locally - and the repertoire of festive goodies well-curated beyond the shores of Singapore.

  • New Moon

    New Moon

    Established since 1959, New Moon is a symbol for high standards of taste, freshness and sincerity in gifting. The dedication and efforts towards delivering consistent quality and delicious taste has reaped its rewards, with Nielsen accrediting New Moon Abalone as the No. 1 Best Selling Abalone Brand in Singapore.

  • URC Singapore

    URC Singapore

    Since 1980s, URC Singapore has been delighting households and consumers with its iconic Potato Chips and Roller Coaster snacks. Using only natural potatoes, coupled with quality ingredients, fresh tasting snacks are created for all occasions. Its commitment to quality and taste have allowed Jack ‘n Jill Singapore to withstand the test of time and continuously provide great tasting products. From good old classic to new flavoured fun, there’s always something for each and every one. So join Jack ‘n Jill to uncover your funtastic snacking experience.