This win has also given Punggol Primary School the privilege of performing at the Singapore Science Festival 2014, which will be held from 18 July to 3 August 2014.

SSYSF Stage! Is a drama competition which encourages primary school students to explore new concepts and translate their learning of science into creative productions on stage. This year’s theme, “Crystals – More Than Meets The Eye”, challenged students to produce a skit on the science behind crystals.

A/Prof Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of Science Centre Singapore, said, “The subject of crystals provides a very good platform for students to share the wonders of science and how it underpins most technological developments in our modern society. We see it in solar cells and semiconductors. Crystals also allows us to open up our children’s eyes and minds to the beauty that can be found in science”.

Competition was intense this year as more than 320 students from various primary schools showcased their creativity and scientific knowledge to compete for the finalist spots. Some topics they explored included crystals in nature, crystals/mineral formation, crystal patterns, beauty of crystals and why they are valued, and crystals and modern technology.

Winning team Punggol Primary School compared the formation of diamonds versus that of snowflakes and how every crystal is unique. Another finalist team from Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School expounded on atomic theory in their skit, explaining how atoms form the building blocks of all things on Earth through exploring crystal formations. Yet another finalist team, Rivervale Primary School, shared a story about a boy who learnt the importance of crystals in health sciences and modern technology.  

“The world is in need of more inventors and scientists to solve many of the global challenges today. Shell is pleased to work with the SSYSF’s organisers to give students this unique platform to express their understanding of science through the creative medium of drama. Through this experience, we hope to inspire more students to continue their scientific journeys and to pursue a deep and life-long interest in science,” said Mavis Kuek, General Manager, Communications and Government Relations, Shell Companies in Singapore.

SSYSF is a national annual event jointly organised by the Science Centre Singapore, the Science Teachers Association of Singapore and Shell Companies in Singapore. Introduced in 1978 and stepping into its 37th year, SSYSF seeks to foster an interest in our youths for science and technology and provides a platform for students and teachers to engage in projects and discussions beyond their curriculum.

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About Shell Singapore Youth Science Festival

Shell Singapore Youth Science Festival is a national annual event jointly organised by the Science Centre Singapore, the Science Teachers’ Association of Singapore and the Shell Companies in Singapore. This is the 37th year that the event has been organised. Introduced in 1978, SSYSF aims to give youths a deeper insight into science and technology and to provide opportunities for them to exchange views and experiences in science education. Since 2007, SSYSF Stage! has been organised for primary level students.

About Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore is a non-formal educational institution and a leading regional Science Centre. A custodian of creativity and innovation, the Centre has captured the evolution of scientific developments through unique and relevant exhibitions and shows.

The Centre houses 14 exhibition galleries with more than 1,000 exhibits, another 30,000 sq. metres of outdoor exhibition space showcasing the Waterworks exhibition, Ecogarden and Kinetic Garden as well as the Omni-Theatre — Singapore’s only dome-shaped, 5-storey high IMAX theatre.

The Centre and its partners have played a pivotal role in transforming the way students and the public interact with and learn about science & technology. Together with the Omni-Theatre and Snow City, it has engaged and enriched more than 29.5 million students and visitors since 1977.

This year, the Centre launched an ‘I Love Science Centre’ campaign to share our love for science with everyone and demonstrate the many things to love about the Science Centre. The Science Centre, Omni-Theatre and Snow City received 1.26 million visitors for FY2012/2013.

ANNEXE A – SSYSF Stage! Winners

1st prize ($600)

Punggol Primary School: A crystal by any other name

2nd prize ($400)

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School: Atomos!

3rd prize ($200)

St Gabriel’s Primary School: A case of crystals

5 Merit awards ($100)

Ai Tong School: Superzero

River Valley Primary School: AR-vengers

Rivervale Primary School: Crystallography and us

Teck Whye Primary School: The search for antibiotics

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School: Shine bright

Best ‘props’ ($100)

Punggol Primary School

Best scientific content ($100)

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

Best performers
School Character Name
St. Gabriel’s Primary School Alex
Ai Tong School The moo girl
Punggol Primary School Diamond
Punggol Primary School Salt
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School Storyteller 2
Rivervale Primary School Priscilla
Rivervale Primary School Patrick
Teck Whye Primary School Amoxicillin