Dear Resident,


We recently sent a circular on 28 May 2013 to inform you of a leak in one of the fuel tanks at the Shell Sembawang Retail Station. The leak has stopped and we are now in the midst of cleaning up the fuel from the affected areas. The station is also closed for investigation until further notice.  

You would also have noticed that the area along the stretch of Sembawang Road between Sembawang Walk and Jalan Legundi have been cordoned off by the authorities. As a precautionary measure given that fuel is a flammable product, they have also put up notices prohibiting the use of hand phones and smoking around the area.  To ensure these precautionary measures are complied with, we will also be stepping up on our vigilance around this area.      

In addition to the clean-up activities, we have also been monitoring and taking measurements at regular intervals.  Our readings on the amount of fuel vapour in the other public areas continue to remain in the low/safe range and we believe fuel vapour at this range is unlikely to pose health and safety risks.  

Notwithstanding this, you would have also experienced a strong smell of fuel along some parts of the affected areas.  We wish to advise that there is no cause for concern as part of the cleanup process involves blowing the fumes out of the enclosed areas and into the open.  The smell is expected to last for a while until the entire cleaning process is completed.  

Safety and the wellbeing of the community and of our staff remain key priorities for Shell.  Once again we wish to apologise for this incident and for any inconvenience caused.  

If you have any query, please contact the Shell Customer Service Centre at 62353261.

We thank you once again for your patience and understanding and look forward to your continued support. 

Kind regards

Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd