All staff are accounted for and non essential staff have been evacuated to safety. 
One Shell firefighter sustained a superficial injury, and five other firefighters had heat exhaustion and pulled muscle.

We very much regret this incident and glad that no one was seriously hurt.  
Safety is our top priority. Neighbouring units are shut down as a precaution. In the process of a shutdown we advise that a larger flare will be visible. The flare is no cause for alarm. There are no toxic vapours released.

The fire has affected a pump house and pipes. The area affected is approximately about 150 metres by 50 metres. 
We believe it was an accident. A full investigation will be conducted once the fire is put out.
The incident is confined to Pulau Bukom which is more than five kilometres away from the mainland. 
Our external website,, will be regularly updated with the latest information whenever available.