Today, society faces a dual-challenge: how to make the transition to a low-carbon energy future to manage the risks of climate change, while also ensuring there is enough energy for economies to expand and people to prosper. In the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region alone, energy supply is expected to go up by 60 per cent by 2035.

At Shell Powering Progress Together (PPT) Asia 2018, 150 business leaders, academics, entrepreneurs, NGOs, policy-influencers and millennials will come together to share, ideate and dialogue on how Asian cities can better manage our Energy for Better Living while reducing emissions, given the rapid urbanisation.

PPT Asia 2018 will feature the following:

  • Opportunities for ideation and collaboration, using perspectives from Scenario Planning
  • Dialogue with experts from business, government and academia
  • Explore how entrepreneurs are disrupting the energy ecosystem

Powering Progress Together (PPT) is a global series of engagements convened by Shell to encourage dialogue about future energy challenges and PPT Asia 2018 will take place alongside Shell’s Make the Future Singapore, a festival of ideas and innovation for Asia.

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Singapore: Cleaner Energy Moves Asia

Last year, Shell’s Powering Progress Together was held in Singapore for the first time on Thursday, 16 March 2017, gathered one hundred energy experts to discuss the energy challenges facing Asia, one of the world’s fastest-growing regions, around the theme of  “Cleaner energy moves Asia”.

Singapore: Cleaner Energy Moves Asia