1. What is Shell IdeaRefinery?

Shell IdeaRefinery is a programme that supports energy start-ups in Singapore.

Through the programme, start-ups will learn about trends, gaps and opportunities in the energy sector. They will also receive support to create new or refine existing business models and develop proof-of-concept opportunities. Start-ups will also get to connect with the wider energy industry network consisting of investors, other fellow entrepreneurs and more.

2. What is the eligibility criteria for start-ups to join this programme?

Early stage start-ups that fulfil the following criteria:

  •  Are registered in Singapore OR have significant business operations in Singapore
  • Have raised not more than SGD$5 Million in funding
  • Have less than SGD$100 Million in annual sales turnover OR group employment of less than 200 persons
  • Have minimum of 30% local ordinary shareholding [For Post-programme proof-of-concept funding opportunity only]
  • Have a solution with potential to create a positive impact on our shared energy future. Examples of such areas include but are not limited to:
    • Transforming the way energy is generated, stored, managed and consumed for;
    • Digitalising our energy future to make systems smarter, more resilient and efficient;
    • Lowering the carbon footprint of how goods and services are produced and transported;
    • Changing the way people move within cities and across the globe;
    • Improving the energy connectivity and supply chains

3. When does the application close?

For Cohort 3, application closes on 22nd July 2019, 0000 Hrs.

4. What is Information Day?

Information Day is a day to brief all interested applicants on the details on the IdeaRefinery programme eg. how to apply, eligibility criteria etc. You will also hear alumni of IdeaRefinery share their experience as part of the programme and get to meet the programme organisers whom will be able to clarify any questions that you may have. Information Day will be held on 2nd July 2019.

To register for Information Day, please click here

5. What is the selection process for start-ups to join this programme?

Upon the close of application, we will review your submissions and selected applicants may be asked to pitch to a panel of judges. The final shortlisted applications will be announced in August 2019.

6. How many start-ups will be selected for this programme?

This is dependent on the number and type of applications received. This is to ensure that the selected start-ups receive optimal, dedicated resources. During the planning stage, Shell will carefully curate a programme tailored to give each start-up personalised attention and direct mentorship — and a quantity that best serve this purpose.

7. How is the Energy Market Authority involved?

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) is the official partner for Shell IdeaRefinery programme. They will be involved in the programme in different aspects including providing potential proof-of-concept funding opportunities to start-ups at the end of the curriculum. Additionally, the programme will also connect your start-up to energy industry networks including investors whom you may potentially pitch for funding.

8. Does Shell retain the Intellectual Property (IP) that is developed during Shell IdeaRefinery?

No, Shell does not retain any of the IP that is developed during Shell IdeaRefinery. The IP developed by a participating start-up is retained by the start-up or any other party as specified in the company's relevant agreements or applicable law. Please do not reveal any trade secrets or confidential information as part of the programme.

For more details please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

9. Why did Shell decide to launch this programme? Why Singapore?

Shell supports Singapore's ambition to reduce its carbon footprint and build a sustainable city. In line with this goal, Shell aims to be a “living lab" of innovations in collaboration with the government and its people, to test-bed and potentially commercialise more and cleaner energy solutions relevant to Singapore. Shell IdeaRefinery is an innovation programme that supports this goal.

Furthermore, Singapore has long been regarded a key innovation hub for Asia and a test-bed for start-ups. This makes Singapore a natural fit and strategic choice for Shell to launch this programme.

10. What does success mean to Shell, in terms of evaluating IdeaRefinery's impact?

Shell IdeaRefinery aims to improve the mix of energy start-ups in Singapore. The best measure of success will be an increase in the number and quality of Singapore-based start-ups tackling the energy challenge. The programme measures the success of each cohort by its start-ups — their ability to secure key partnerships, opportunities, and funding.

11. Will Shell invest or retain equity in my start-up?

No, Shell IdeaRefinery and its partners do not retain any equity or benefit commercially from the start-ups through the programme. After the IdeaRefinery, Shell businesses and our programme partners may take interest. This is, however, not part of the programme proper.

12. What other types of innovation programmes have previously been launched by Shell? How similar or different are these programmes compared to Shell IdeaRefinery?

Throughout the years, Shell has consistently launched global initiatives around innovation, targeting various audiences — e.g. Make the Future Festivals, Shell GameChanger, Shell TechWorks, Shell LiveWIRE, Shell Ideas360 etc.

While these are different programmes with varying goals and mechanics, their key vision is uniform — and that is to identify the next generation of innovators who can drive positive impact in society with sustainable energy solutions.

13. I noticed that Shell IdeaRefinery used to have the Launch and Pivot programme. What is the difference between the Launch programme and the Pivot programme, and what is the focus of the latest cohort?

The Launch programmes support early stage [pre-series-A] start-ups already developing solutions for the energy sector, while Pivot programmes help later-stage start-ups not currently in energy to identify opportunities in our industry to apply their solutions.

We will be running a Launch programme for cohort 3.

14. Can I apply for both programmes?

For the upcoming cohort (ie. Cohort 3), the programme will only be focused on Launch.

Still have further questions? Please email enquiries@wedisruptenergy.com