EnergyNova, a high technology company from Singapore

Need your drones to stay in the air long enough to complete a task? You will be able to do so with EnergyNova’s H2Batt.

H2Batt is a hydrogen based battery by EnergyNova, a high technology company from Singapore. EnergyNova aims to become the world’s leading company in renewable energy, with focus on hydrogen as the fuel of the future.

EnergyNova’s batteries will allow drones to carry out an array of tasks - in just one run. From surveying disaster areas for survivors to sending critical medical supplies to isolated communities, H2Batt is sure to extend your drone’s flight time.

H2Batt will also provide at least three times the electrical power than conventional Lithium polymer batteries. It not only recharges all electronic devices, but is also ideal for off-grid usage, when access to charging points is impossible. 

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7 Corporation Solarite

High technology innovator, 7 Corporation, made a discovery

What if you could reinvent regular solar panels to be eco-friendlier?

High technology innovator, 7 Corporation, made a discovery: regular solar panels generate a multitude of problems from low conversion efficiency to short solar cell lifespan.

Solarite, 7 Corporation’s solar module, offers a solution to these problems. Solarite can increase output by between 30-55%, increase efficiency and improve solar cell life span. Solarite is also guaranteed eco-friendly and more affordable than regular solar panels. 

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Tripledot Technologies

Tripledot Technologies utility usage

Imagine if you could be in control of your utility consumption.

Tripledot realised that the utility services available today are manual in process and largely inefficient, which results in costs being passed on to consumers.

As a result, Tripledot hopes to simplify the utility process by providing data of your utility usage to not just you, but also Power Generation Companies (GENCOs) and electricity retailers. Having your data in your hands allows you to monitor and change your energy usage habits, giving you better control of your energy spending. Providing your data to key power players also allows them to better plan initiatives and actions, for the benefit of everyone.  

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What if charging your vehicles was as easy as charging your personal devices? Xnergy, a power provider for the E-mobility sector, might soon pave the way for wireless charging of your electric vehicles.

Eco-friendly, convenient to use and low maintenance are just some of the many characteristics of Xnergy’s wireless charging technology. With the rise of electric vehicles, Xnergy’s eco-friendly wireless charging technology might just be your new necessity.  

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billionBricks is a non-profit design studio innovating shelter solutions

Want a solution to two of the world’s biggest problems, homelessness and climate change, with one product? billionBricks has the answer.

billionBricks is a non-profit design studio innovating shelter solutions to end homelessness in the world. Using design as their primary tool, billionBricks creates homes for the millions of homeless that will not only give shelter to many, but are also energy self-sufficient. PowerHYDE, its newest shelter, is the world's first home for the homeless, which finances itself by the energy it produces and sells.  

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