Startups that pitched their ideas at Demo Day @ Singapore International Energy Week 2018

  • Advanced Vision Analytics

    Advanced Vision Analytics

    Founded in 2017, AVA Asia aims to serve the communities in Solar Photovoltaic industry. We believe autonomous flying drone and artificial intelligence could revolutionise how solar PV plants are being managed today. At the moment, we are honoured to serve various clients in the ASEAN region and are continuously improving our product for our clients. Based on the investigations, 70% of the pipeline rupturing incidents are corrosion related and preventable. For oil and gas pipeline integrity managers who are constantly facing the challenge of monitoring aggression of corrosion along the length pipeline, we help to acquire, process and analyse data, to predict the aggression of corrosion, using robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

    Advanced Vision Analytics

  • Chektec


    Chektec is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise mobile solution with a unique form creation tool that enables team task assignments integrating workplace safety, health and environment goals, collecting valuable data for actionable insights. We understand that documentation is the life-blood of businesses. However, with more mobile teams globally, we rely on forms and checklists on their mobile devices. Chektec allows users to submit reports on-the-go or immediately assign corrective actions that can be monitored on mobile and in the office. We collect the data, images, signatures and indicate time and date stamps, for document traceability and follow-up changes. In addition to document traceability is specific task traceability; identifying users accountable for which tasks, sharing those tasks if they cannot be resolved and indicating task deadlines can also be done through our system.


  • Nodis


    Nodis makes your buildings more efficient and carbon neutral with colour, energy-generating glass. Nodis was founded in 2014 to transform how we use sunlight in lighting and heating buildings and creating comfortable, energy efficient environments. We are transforming windows by enabling people to control the natural light and infrared into buildings. Controlling natural light reduces glare and sets the right lighting level for comfort. Controlling infrared and light lowers energy consumption for heating, cooling and lighting. Changing the colour sets the mood and aesthetics of a room. Nodis’ TruTint smart glass technology is transforming windows, giving people the ability to change the tint, colour and temperature characteristics of windows instantly.


  • QIQ


    QIQ Global is set to disrupt the current transportation industry by building a sustainable, smart and shared mobility ecosystem utilising fast charging electric vehicles. They provide the next generation of electric last-mile transport solution that is based on their proprietary Ultra Capacitor Technology. Targeting energy providers, existing fleet operators, public transportation companies, land owners and last-mile (on-demand) startups, we are an autonomous vehicle provider and is made up of a diverse group of people from automotive industry, mechanical, oil and gas, banking and finance. Our product line consists of electric bikes and scooters with docking Rapid Charging in minutes for up to 20km, autonomous capable of 25-degree hill climbs and over 50,000 duty cycles, and rapid charging technology that charges five times faster than other battery technologies.


  • ShipsFocus


    ShipsFocus provides an aggregated shipping solution that optimises utilisation, cuts waste and reduces carbon footprint. We offer their customers three things: Intelligence, technology and service. With better market intelligence, customers of we can immediately access anonymised market data and curated benchmarks, enabling decisions critical in an otherwise fragmented and non-transparent space. Customers also have access to technologies of highest standards in cohesiveness, security and contingency, with user-friendly and low-cost applications from tracking to chartering systems. Our heart and soul is in maritime, allowing us to view pain points empathetically and provide a service that would help you transit onto the digitalisation bandwagon.


Other participating startups


Blockchain and industrial IoT application in bunkering supply chain.


Data as a service for automobile workshops and motor insurance (B2B) increasing their business and services to over 100 million car owners in Southeast Asia.

Overlay Technologies

Expert help for maintenance and engineering crews powered by Augmented Reality and remote connections.


Builds intelligent visualisation interfaces by creating a digital twin of facilities, connected through industrial IoT.


The world’s first long-range, safe and efficient wireless power network, enabling completely wireless industrial sensors.

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