Mounika is an engineer on Shell’s Graduate Programme

After completing a degree in Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, Mounika wanted to explore career options for her future. “Shell’s Graduate Programme gave me the freedom to choose the projects I wanted to take part in,” Mounika said. “Being aware of these available options has really helped me decide where I want to be in my future with Shell.”

Mounika joined Shell as a graduate 7 months ago. “I’m currently working as a Process Engineering Specialist. I’m getting experience each day, interacting with a wide range of co-workers across Shell.

This allows for me to gain exposure and insight into different aspects of the business. It’s a massive breadth of experience open to me. I’m also gaining other insights to the business as a member of Shell’s Emergency Response Team.”

Mounika explains that it was great to be given ample time to interact. Asked about her first week in Shell’s Graduate Programme, Mounika says Shell ensured graduates were provided with opportunities to meet and get to know each other. “My first few weeks at Shell went smoothly. I had great support and guidance from both my managers and of course, my mentor.

They have become my go-to people for any questions or issues I have, even if it is small. To this day, the open interactions I’m having with work colleagues and my mentor remain important to me and how I develop in my role.”

Mounika’s mentor is Krishna who has been with Shell for 10 years. Krishna holds a doctorate in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. “From the start, Krishna’s advice to me was to get the maximum out of the opportunities that come along. He continues to do this, while also letting me know of new opportunities and leads.

“Krishna also said to learn the most out of every job I’m doing, no matter how small.”

Mounika believes Krishna’s mentoring style works for her. “Krishna provides very practical advice that’s not sugar-coated. He has a down-to-earth approach and his feedback often gives me a reality check. He constantly motivates me.”

The mentor/mentee relationship which Krishna and Mounika share is not all work-focused. “We laugh a lot. I especially enjoy it when Krishna narrates his experiences over the years. Sometimes we just chat about a whole variety of really different things. For example, he is interested in astrology, Sanskrit and vegetarianism and I like movies, shopping and Japanese anime. So we have a good range of topics to chat about.”

After 7 months in Shell’s Graduate Programme, Mounika’s advice to graduates considering Shell as a future employer is to think first about your personal qualities. “Being curious is important because while lots of opportunities come your way, you need to also be interested and seek them out. You need to have a good blend of technical and leadership skills from the start that you can build on. Most of all you need to be open-minded and passionate. If that sounds like you, then please think about Shell.”

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