A young student

Working on Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site as a Process Control Technologist, Shiau Yinn first came to Shell on an Assessed Internship while studying Chemical Engineering at the National University of Singapore. But she says it was growing up in oil-rich Brunei that gave her the initial impetus to target a career in the energy industry.

You could say I grew up with Shell. I lived literally across the road from the refinery. Ever since I was a child it’s been seen as a very respectable and prestigious organisation to join. So, when I came to Singapore to study, it was with the idea that if I ever returned to Brunei I’d continue a long career with Shell.

The working world

I enrolled on the Shell Graduate Programme in 2011, a year after finishing my six-month internship in the same technology department I’m in today. As a graduate hire, I knew I’d be getting all the support and guidance I’d need to develop in a challenging industry.

As a young student you often imagine the working world to be very cut throat, so I was surprised with how I found life at Shell. Our department is a close unit filled with diversity and a strong team spirit. The team has established a comfortable working environment and I feel right at home where I am.

The value of accountability

Over time my responsibilities have increased to the point where I feel I’m contributing to the organisation and benefitting from the people I work with. Currently we’re working on an exciting project that will recover energy from steam produced by our operations. I think we can put it to a range of uses.

I like being creative, but the real joy I get from my role as Process Control Technologist is being able to resolve issues directly and provide the technical support that’s needed to help optimise the unit. I’m finding true value in all the things I do.

International development

I have many people to learn from at Shell, providing me a solid technical foundation and ensuring I achieve the competencies my field requires. Early on in graduate life I was traveling to a new location every six months, meeting new people in the Shell community and picking up these competencies along the way.

Visiting places like the Netherlands, Thailand and even Bangalore in India allowed me to find out what it’s like to work at different sites and about the various challenges we face across the world. Training on the programme is very colourful, which is ideal for personal growth as well as career development.

Future aspirations

Another good thing about the Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site, and Shell as a whole, is that there are a lot of opportunities to explore other areas of the business. In the near future I plan to delve into the economics and scheduling part of the refinery. Graduates are encouraged to find a path that fits with their career aspirations.

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