We continue to attract and inspire talented people from around the world. Our 60 active employee networks in around 22 countries bring together some of the 155 nationalities working with us in 70 countries. We attract talented people from all over the world and across our business in building rewarding careers.

Employees are encouraged to enhance their external focus through developing networks and participating in professional associations. These support networks will help you settle in, build friendships and give you an opportunity to lead or co-ordinate business or community activities.

Our employee networks include those for women, disability and ethnic groups, just to name a few. These networks are making value added contributions to business objectives by providing a forum for sharing information and ideas. They are voluntary organisations that allow employees to come together and support common goals and interests.

Employee networks operate on the principles of inclusion, open dialogue, and constructive contribution. They can help you grow personally and professionally, but they can also help us by providing feedback on creating a better workplace and ways we can attract and retain diverse talent. Perhaps most importantly, these networks help us build stronger communities ties and enhance our social obligations.

To further support the importance of work-life integration Shell’s social clubs provide social events that build peer relationships in an informal setting, as well as a number of events that can be extended to family and friends.

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