I am also part of the enABLE Network – a platform to advocate, promote and inspire productivity, fair treatments as well as opportunities for Shell employees with disabilities and/or impairments. Going into my third year with Shell, being a part of Shell empowers me in countless ways. Here are some of the reasons why:

A Platform to Ignite Your Utmost Potential

One of the many reasons why I chose to join Shell was because I knew that it would be more than just a job. I would have a career filled with a world of opportunities. Thus far, I have discovered strengths, skills and passions I never thought I had within me before. Even though my background is in Accounting, Shell does not limit my exposure in other fields including technical and semi-technical learnings and trainings. I see my potentials in various areas of the business and I am just beyond excited, curious and inspired to explore more.

Leaders Personally Develop People

It fascinates me how Shell Leaders are so caring, enabling and involved in their staff’s development journey. For example, my Line Manager, Mentor and Host Supervisor connect with me on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, not only about work but also to discuss on my aspirations, wellbeing and challenges. I also get coaching sessions with some of the GMs where I get to ask for suggestions and career-related advice. This allows me to continuously be inspired to keep giving my best. Plus, the continuous presence of my leaders makes me feel that my voice, ideas and opinions do matter in the organisation.

Incredible Work-life Balance

Thriving for a fantastic career does not mean one should stop living life to the fullest! It means that it should be an opportunity to do, give and live better moments with the ones you love. My quality of life has tremendously improved after joining Shell. Now, I have more time with my family and friends, not only on weekends but also weekdays! Family dinner used to be a rarity and almost impossible on most days, but that is no longer the case – now I can even help my mum cook for our simple nightly feasts! I truly treasure any time spent with my family.

Global Connections and Learning Opportunities

Shell has offices all across the globe and employees from diverse backgrounds. It excites me to be able to share, learn and exchange ideas with my colleagues and leaders globally. This enriches my career as well as personal experience and broadens my views on various subjects and disciplines.  

Supportive, Understanding and Empowering Colleagues

My colleagues are my rock at work. They accept, love and care for me for the person that I am. Teamwork and collaborations are limitless at Shell – not only when we are working together on a project but also when we need assistance on something more personal. For instance, when I was working in Miri, Sarawak I used to have my Logistics colleagues who would take turns to send me to and from the office. They secretly bought me food when my meetings overran and selflessly volunteered to take me to the hospital countless times when my health wasn’t at its best. The Miri Team also helped improve the lighting and other facilities in the building so I could navigate better and work more productively. When I moved to the KL office, I received fantastic care and support, especially from the NOV Team. So many people come together to assist and offer help whenever they can. They are all family to me.

Redefining Limitations

As the first Malaysian Shell employee with multiple pre-existing disabilities, I still feel like I am walking in my dreams right now! Shell proves to me that “we are more than our shells”. We are just as capable and as deserving of success regardless of whatever we were born with or without. Our courage to step out of our comfort zones and our ability to distinguish between signals that build us from noises that impede us, are the things that set us apart from the rest of the world. Shell inspires me to transform my disability into ‘this ability’ and with all of my heart, I believe that more people will discover their dreams through my journey with Shell.  

Disclaimer: Views expressed are of the individuals featured and are not representative of the views of the Shell group of companies and their affiliates.

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