Between 2011 and 2013, I was assigned to Hamburg, Germany for cross-cultural and cross-business exposure under the GO Programme. It was there that I worked with a multi-cultural team while managing pricing and demand, generating insights from the complex Heating Oil market, and learning the even more complex German language.  

My current role allows me to hone and practice my leadership skills. From my own experience, I learnt that Shell provides the space for one to grow and initiate new things – one just needs to be brave enough to step-up and be empowered to deliver.

The people here are fun to work with. We resolve issues and create wins together. We celebrate and have fun too – through events, health & wellness and food.

I am privileged to have Senior Executive mentors who are always there to share their perspectives and pose challenges to my thought process; while providing with the push and confidence to help me grow.

Over time, my mentors helped me find my inner compass and how fulfilling that is! I wouldn’t have my life at Shell any other way.

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