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Karen’s story

Karen explains how Shell's flexible work arrangements allow her to sustain a rewarding career while juggling life's competing priorities.

Li’s story

Li tells her story about how Shell has given her the space and growth opportunities to fulfil her dreams of becoming a passionate leader and loving mother.

Debanjali’s story

Discover Debanjali’s 12-year career journey with Shell, where she has evolved through 6 roles in different countries, and has been entrusted with increasingly large responsibilities.

Prachi’s story

As a wife, mother of twins, care giver for the elderly and an avid volunteer, Prachi shares her 13-year journey with Shell, and how she learnt that success is striking the fine balance between work and life.

Kartika’s story

Kartika’s story is about how her inspiring mentors and friendly colleagues supported her professional goals and personal aspirations.

Janice’s story

The story of Janice is about a young engineer’s growth through training opportunities around the world, and how she has been entrusted to lead large-scale projects during her exhilarating 5-year stint at Shell.

Nissa’s story

Nissa was born visually impaired but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams. Be inspired by how Nissa thrives in a supportive and caring work environment that looks beyond her disability.

Closing the gender gap

Closing the gender gap

Shell is committed to helping women reach senior roles in engineering and technology. We aim to #makethefuture by closing the gender gap.

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