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Inspiring and Empowering Future Leaders at Shell

Read about how Shell develops young graduates into leaders through guiding and mentoring. Michelle Liang shares her own experience.

Work-Life Balance Each Step of the Way

Discover how Joey and Alex have experienced immense support from Shell, from enjoying a diverse career to transition into parenthood.

Managing change in a supportive environment

Find out how Sriram enjoyed a successful transition down a new career path and how this further developed his strengths.

How to evolve your career

Singapore-based Shell leader Ng Chern Nee shares her five top tips on evolving your career.

Lessons learned in ‘paying it forward’

Find out how Tracie’s volunteering at a non-profit children’s school has also had professional benefits that positively influence her job.

Looking to change the game

Min Peng enjoys a challenge and it is precisely this trait that inspires her to move out of her comfort zone.

Passion and perseverance

Sarah has gone from being a mother at the age of 18 to the Regional Team Lead for LNG Trading; she shares her inspiring story 

Putting passion to work

Mary Bastian, the Team Lead for Lead Generation and Interfacial Science in the Emerging Technologies division shares her journey to success.

Securing your own success

Kylie has been with Shell for over 18 years. Her role sees her leading acquisition and divestment deals and mentoring talent.

Authenticity, curiousity and vision

Find out why Lydia Qin, Regional Sourcing Manager for China Sourcing Office, is passionate about Shell, her work and its people.