Key benefits at a glance

UOB Commercial Cards
UOB Commercial Cards

Drive up your fuel savings with UOB Commercial Cards. Get unlimited rebates1 and extended payment terms2.

  • Additional Monthly and Quarterly Bonus¹

    Up to 2.5% cash rebate (no cap on rebate amount)

  • Extended Payment Terms

    Up to 60 days credit2

Accelerate your business savings with us and receive these welcome gifts:

Sign up for a UOB Commercial Card and use it to pay for your Shell Fleet Card invoice

  • Special Welcome Offer for new Shell customers

    From 1 April 2023, enjoy a special sign-up offer of additional 2% discount on Shell fuels with the Shell Fleet Card with an upfront discount of 20%*. Valid for all new Shell customers for first 6 months.”

How it works

Discount / Rebate % Details
Shell Upfront Discount 18%
Additional Welcome Discount 2% For first 6 months only
UOB Commercial Card Monthly Rebate3 0.3% to 1.5% No minimum spend or cap on rebates

Quarterly Bonus4 on Nett Fuel Spend:

Tier 1 : S$1,000 to S$9,999
Tier 2 : S$10,000 and above



No cap on rebates



Illustration of of Discounts and Rebates (in SGD)
Tier 1 Example
Tier 2 Example 
Gross fuel spending per quarter
Shell Upfront Fuel Discount
Additional Welcome Discount
For 1st 6 months for new Shell Fleet Card customers
Nett Fuel Spend Per Quarter
(After Instant Discount)
Monthly Rebate
1.3% to 1.5% depending on type of card (no cap)
Up to 1.5%
Quarterly Bonus
on Nett fuel spend

-Tier 1: S$1,000 – S9,999 = 0.3%


-Tier 2: S$10,000 and above = 1%

Total Fuel Spend Per Quarter
(After all Discounts & Rebates)
Total Fuel Savings
Total Fuel Discounts
Up to 22.0%

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Terms and Conditions:

* This Promotion is valid until 31 December 2023 and not applicable to UOB Business Debit Card users who are existing Shell Fleet Card customers. Other terms and conditions apply.

* New Shell customers refer to those who do not have a Shell Fleet Card account prior to sign up, or have not used the Shell Fleet Card for the last 12 months. Discount will revert to base rate of 18% after 6 months.

1 Charge your fuel spend to UOB Commercial Card.

2 Not applicable for UOB Business Debit Card.

3 Refers to the existing monthly cash rebate(s) or UNI$ earned on the respective eligible card transactions.

4 Additional Quarterly Bonus (cash rebate or UNI$) will be credited to the qualified customers' card account if the fuel spending meets the criteria of the Quarterly Bonus. Quarterly means the period of three consecutive statement months based on calendar month.

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