It’s not just fuels that can be purchased with the Shell Fleet Card

It’s a single payment solution for all your mobility needs and your gateway to the largest fuel network and other Shell services.

In addition to fuels, lubricants and electric vehicle charging can all be purchased on one single card. All your transactions are shown on one invoice in the new Shell Fleet Hub, helping to reduce your administration time by enabling you to monitor your fleet’s fuel card usage online.

Shell Fleet Card

Helping to save you time and worry

With one card for all your drivers’ needs along with comprehensive services and support along the way, a Shell Fleet Card makes every day hassle-free.

  • 50+ years of fuel card expertise
  • Access to 57 Shell retail stations across Singapore

Terms and Conditions

Innovative Fuels and Lubricants

A range of quality fuels that give your fleet more choice and better performance.

Shell Fleet Card x UOB Programme

Greater savings for Shell Fuels when you pay your Shell Fleet Card Invoice with UOB Commercial Cards


Choose the card that’s right for your business

No matter the shape and size of your fleet, the countries you operate in and the costs you need to cover, there is a card that’s right for you.

On the Road

On the Road

  • Fuel cards

    Fleet cards

    Simple and secure payment solutions that make managing expenses easier.
  • Network


    Access to high-quality fuel and facilities where you need them.

  • Fuels and alternative fuels

    Fuels and alternative fuels

    Access to all types of high-quality energy resources from electric to alternative fuels.
  • Fleet mobility solutions

    Fleet mobility solutions

    New mobility products and services, such as telematics and route optimisation, to benefit you and your drivers.

At your desk

At your desk

  • Fleet Hub

    Fleet Hub

    Manage every aspect of your fleet right from your desk.
  • Innovation


    Constantly updated added-value services to help you now and in the future.
  • Round the clock

    Round the clock

    24/7 fraud-protection services.
  • Expertise


    Access to our dedicated account management teams and our in-depth fleet expertise.

The Partner Card

Shell Fleet Card

The Partner Card

More business doesn’t have to mean higher partner fuel expenses. Specifically designed for your business partner/contractor use, Shell Partner Card helps you easily manage every transaction and keep costs down.

  • Easy to handle

    Cut out the hassle of having to track, pay and reclaim your partners’ fuel expenses.

  • Manage your cash flow

    Set individual spending limits to control how much each partner can spend on fuel.

  • Stay in charge online

    Track partners’ spending patterns, balances, funds, run reports and order cards.

  • Safe and secure transactions

    All transactions are secure with PIN code validation on every Shell Partner Card.

  • Keep up to date

    Receive an itemised monthly invoice listing your partners’ transactions.