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Unlocking Fleet Efficiency with Advanced Telematics

Telematics systems enable fleet managers to make sense of the wealth of data from their vehicles, pinpointing opportunities for efficiency improvements and proactive troubleshooting and helping to propel the fleet industry forward.

What’s inside?

Enabling Fleet Optimisation

Enabling Fleet Optimisation

Find out how telematics can help unlock significant fleet efficiency gains.

What skills will a fleet manager need?

What skills will a fleet manager need?

Five skills fleet managers can start building today, to prepare for tomorrow.

Securing a Data-Driven Advantage

Securing a Data-Driven Advantage

How a data-driven approach can set fleets up for success in a challenging industry.

Get on board with telematics, now

Get on board with telematics, now

Telematics delivers significant advantages in efficiency, safety and intelligence today. It will also be crucial to fleet efficiency over the coming years, so any investment in telematics now helps build a platform for growth and efficiency in the future.

Learn more about Shell Telematics

The Shell Telematics Advantage

Find out how we make telematics straightforward, offering expert advice to find the right solution for you and providing clear insights to help you get the best out of your fleet.

What is telematics? A guide to how it can help your business

Not all telematics solutions are the same. Read our tips for picking the best solution for your business.

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

Find out how to get big savings for your operations with the Productivity Solutions Grant.


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Turn your data into real results

Fleet management is awash with different sources of data, from smartphones and tablets, to photo reporting. But many businesses are still only using a fraction of the data they are mining.

How to get employees to accept new technology

Integrating new technology – telematics systems that monitor vehicle and driver performance, for example – into a business can sometimes be problematic, as company employees can sometimes be resistant to change. However, getting staff on board doesn’t have to be a trial.