Fleet management insights made easy

Fleet management insights made easy

We aim to make telematics as straightforward as possible, offering expert advice to find the right solution for you and providing actionable insights to help you get the best out of your fleet.


Streamline your fleet data. Streamline your business

Dynamic Data

Streamline your fleet data. Streamline your business.

Shell Telematics allows you to monitor all your vehicle and Shell Fleet Card data through one simple platform. By integrating your data you can cut down administration time and costs, and all your insights are available through a user-friendly portal and app.

Leading technology, made simple.

Leading technology, made simple.

We provide a consultation service to help you select a package and find the right fit for your business, and our relationship goes beyond installation. We offer guidance and support, for as long as you need it.

Keep your fleet moving forward

Keep your fleet moving forward

In a rapidly-changing industry, we provide an adaptable solution that can expand and grow with your business. It’s easy to add features and we’ll keep you up-to-date with developments, from emerging tech, to EV readiness, to new regulations.

Learn more about Shell Telematics

How Shell Telematics works

Find out more about our solution, from features and functions to frequently asked questions.

What is telematics? A guide to how it can help your business

Not all telematics solutions are the same. Read our tips for picking the best solution for your business.

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

Find out how to get big savings for your operations with the Productivity Solutions Grant.

Dynamic Data

Dynamic Data

From fuel efficiency improvements, to fraud prevention, to enhance driver safety, telematics technology can help fleet managers turn data into tangible business benefits. Yet many fleets still don’t know how to take advantage of everything this new and improved technology has to offer. Read our report to explore how advanced telematics can help unlock fleet management efficiency, today.

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The Shell Fleet Card gives you a one payment solution for all your fleet expenses.

How to get employees to accept new technology

Integrating new technology – telematics systems that monitor vehicle and driver performance, for example – into a business can sometimes be problematic, as company employees can sometimes be resistant to change. However, getting staff on board doesn’t have to be a trial.

Turn your data into real results

Fleet management is awash with different sources of data, from smartphones and tablets, to photo reporting. But many businesses are still only using a fraction of the data they are mining.