Shell unveilved its first ever RoadSense Corner at St. Hilda's Primary School
Shell unveiled its first ever RoadSense Corner at St. Hilda's Primary School.

About Shell Traffic Games

Did you know that Shell staff and contractors around the world drive almost one billion kilometres each year? That is equivalent to roughly 70 times around the globe daily. Because of that, road safety is our top priority. 

Shell works hand in hand with the Singapore Traffic Police and Singapore Road Safety Council to spread awareness on road safety. The Shell Traffic Games is firmly entrenched in the primary school curriculum to educate about road safety

Since 1958, the Shell Traffic Games has educated at least one million children on the importance of road safety.

Shell reached its 35th Shell Traffic Games landmark in 2015, and unveiled in the same year its first ever RoadSense Corner at St. Hilda’s Primary school, bringing road safety education from the Road Safety Community Park to heartland.

Shell is fully committed to educating road safety from young.

Student with helmet on a bicycle participating in Shell Traffic Games.

History of Shell Traffic Games

The Shell Traffic Games is a global initiative that was born more than 50 years ago, with the idea of educating children on road safety through interactive learning. It had the honour of being launched by late Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in 1958.

Did you know that the inaugural Shell Traffic Games in Singapore was held at a makeshift road safety park at Kallang? It saw a participation of fifty-eight primary schools; where late Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew presented the champions with the top prize.

The original Road Safety Park was then built by Shell in 1961 at the Kallang Park, but made way for the former National Stadium in 1965. A new road safety community park was built at the East Coast Park, which has been the Shell Traffic Games’ home since 1981.

What the Children Say about Shell Traffic Games

“My friends and I learned a lot about using the road safely at the Shell Traffic Games in 2013. Every road user has an important role to play.”

Jin Xue, age 12

“I learned that cycling on the road is not like cycling in the park. On the road, I have to be extra alert, follow traffic rules and be aware of other road users.”

Irsyaad, age 11

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