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Shell Experience Day 2017

Designed to give students a peek into Shell, Shell Experience Day 2017 invites all students interested in commercial/function careers, for a full day of fun, experiential learning.

Better understand Shell Singapore’s status as a downstream hub, have a chat over coffee and shadow recent graduates as they go about their daily work.

Event date: September 8, 2017

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Shell Mini Case Challenge 2017

At Shell, we are exposed to a myriad of energy challenges daily. Simulating one of these very challenges, the Shell mini case challenge offers undergraduates the opportunity to tackle, and proposed innovative solutions to the energy issues of today.

Presented in the form of a case study, work together in up to teams of 4, placing your capacity, analytical and strategic thinking skills to the test against your peers. Teams can and are encouraged to be formed from different universities and across field of studies. Do not forget – teamwork is paramount, as participants would have to solve key strategic issues under severe time pressure.

Notwithstanding the attractive prizes up for grabs, you would have the opportunity to present your solutions to a panel of experienced Shell leaders. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Application Period: 14th August – 3rd September
Case Release: 4th September
Preliminary Submission: 6th September
Finalists Announced: 8th September
Finals: 11th September

The winning team stand to win all exclusive tickets to the Shell Skysuite at the F1 Grand Prix! Further details would be sent to all registered participants.

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Internship Workshop 2017

An assessed internship with Shell is a great way to explore a career right in the  energy industry. The challenges you would be taking on can offer incredible opportunities to develop your skills and chart your future career.

Through a series of sessions, immerse yourself in Shell’s collaborative work culture, get tips on a successful internship, and most of all, find out how Shell can meet your career aspirations.

Event date: October 4, 2017

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Experience Shell 2017

Fully run and driven by Shell Campus Ambassadors, come experience Shell in our exciting series of events below.

Engineer for a day

Designed for our would-be engineers, come discover the heartbeat of Shell’s manufacturing facilities!